Flickering Lights

Especially when they aren't getting enough sleep.

Especially when they aren’t getting enough sleep.

It is surprisingly draining to sit and watch movies all day.

I’m helping out with the LA Women’s Film Festival by announcing films before they screen and holding Q&A’s with the filmmakers once they finish. This is a great excuse to get to see what other films are being made (and more notable, being accepted to festivals) but riding the emotional roller coaster over and over for a full day can be pretty exhausting. I finally had to concede defeat and step outside to the lobby for an hour or two during one of the features so that I could let my thoughts refresh.

And do a little writing, of course.

The trouble is that I had a series of vivid and elaborate dreams last night, so I feel like I’ve been watching movies for more than just a few hours today. In one part of my dream I was working on a drawing: pen and ink, filling a whole page. The center of the drawing was a line drawing of a huddle of people- I think they were around a table as if playing cards. Surrounding these figures were finely detailed abstract elements and pools of deep black ink that went all the way to the edges of the paper. People were impressed with the drawing and wanted to buy it, but I closed it away in a book and the dream moved on.

In another part of the dream I was riding in some kind of cart. I don’t recall where I was going, only that the cart was loaded up with all my wedding china and a complete set of silver dishes (cups in particular) and that at some point the cart broke apart and I discovered that all the china was broken and all the silver cups had been falling out through the course of the journey and I didn’t have any left- even though, I reminded myself with my rational mind- I didn’t actually have any silver cups to begin with.

The dreams went on and on, but I don’t remember them all now. Probably they are just my mind at work trying to organize all the input I’ve been forcing upon it lately: I’ve been mining the internet for video footage and photos for my internship which makes for quite a lot of input in need of sorting. Tonight is likely to be filled with wild dreams as well. I’ll be interested to see what form they take.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 21, 2015.

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