Car Sickness

Day off on account of car sickness.

Day off on account of car sickness.

I was going to call it “Car Death” but thought it might be overstating the situation- the car didn’t die per se, it just suffered from a sudden onset of transmission problems and had to be taken to the shop.

All this happening on April Fools.

No joke.

I was just about to eat breakfast when the Curmudgeonly Lion walked back in the door.  His car made it out of the parking lot but wouldn’t go any higher than first gear so he’d puttered his way up the block to a mechanics’ and then walked home. Needless to say he had to take the day off.

There’s nothing like sudden car trouble to make you realize how valuable reliable transportation is. For the briefest of moments I tried to figure out if it would be possible for me to drop him off at work before heading to campus or vice versa. Then I realized that I was going to be leaving the house at six thirty in the morning and not getting home until ten thirty at night and that I would be going to three different locations across town in between.

I often take transportation for granted. I regret this a little bit because having a reliable, working car is definitely among life’s more valuable (and overlooked) assets. A privilege: hardly noticeable when you have it and wildly inconvenient when you don’t. It’s amazing how much mileage I cover in a single day without even thinking about it- until we didn’t have a car.

So we rented rented one.

Car repairs aren’t cheap. Add car rentals and the costs start to add up. Luckily we are still in the wake of receiving our tax refund so we can manage the expense, but, you know, it would’ve been nice to be able to spend it on something more fun than car repairs.

So today we are waiting to find out whether the repairs will be done by this evening or whether we will still be dealing with a sick car through tomorrow.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 2, 2015.

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