Monday again.

I’m standing at a computer in the post production lab trying to think of something to write: I have a few minutes of down time and I know that I ought to seize the opportunity to write a post. Mostly, though, I’m spending that time staring into space and hoping that inspiration will strike. When it doesn’t come I find myself staring at the clock and waiting for class to end so I can go eat something. Lunch was a rushed affair- eaten in haste in order to make enough time to set up the classroom before the students arrived.

Once this class is over I should have an hour or two to relax before my evening class. It is about the time in the semester when I need to start thinking about what I want to do with my schedule for the fall. This morning I had to get up early to get clearance for my upcoming production classes but I won’t be able to actually register for them until the end of the week. It is looking like I will have another semester of evening classes, but if I am smart then I will avoid overloading myself like I did this semester. That’s a pretty big “IF”, though. I don’t seem to be very good about saying no to opportunity when it knocks.

Dang, it’s nighttime now and I just want to go to bed but this post was still hanging over my head, unfinished. I probably could’ve completed it over my dinner hour b but I decided to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine instead because every time I turn around I’m reading or watching a story dealing with characters who “spent their whole lives working for something instead of living their lives fully” and it’s starting to feel personal. I happen to think working your whole life towards something IS living life fully, but sometimes dinner hour is better spent on a sunny balcony with a book than hovering over the glowing screen of a computer.

Speaking of which, a good night’s sleep probably better without a glowing screen involved too so that’s all for tonight.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 7, 2015.

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