Dream Houses

Privacy. No haz it.

Privacy. No haz it.

In my dream I was house-sitting a large modern style house built into the side of a hill. The house was in a secluded area and I was staying there alone, but I had the sense that I was being watched from somewhere higher up the slope of the hill. The up-hill side of the house consisted of floor to ceiling windows which revealed the narrow staircase leading to the loft where I slept and every time I climbed the stairs I had this feeling of being watched.

The house itself was cold. It was full of abandoned knick knacks as if the person who owned it had moved out without moving any of their stuff out with them: even though I was living there, it clearly wasn’t my house. I went and bought groceries and brought them back- it was cold outside too. It felt like winter. The sun was low in the sky- it was setting like normal until it hit the roof-line of the houses across the way when the whole neighborhood was suddenly plunged into darkness as if someone had flipped a switch from Day to Night. There was no twilight.

I wish I had written this dream down in the morning while it was still fresh. This dream was followed by another dream about being attacked by zombies who infected people who then swelled up like balloons before exploding in a burst of blood, so I wasn’t in a very literary mindset by the time the alarm went off.

When it comes to dreams I seem to go through phases: sometimes I dream so much it disrupts my sleep and I wake up feeling worn out. Other times I don’t dream at all for weeks on end. Sometimes I am very diligent about writing down my dreams. Other times I just let them lapse and I forget them by breakfast. I wouldn’t mind getting back into the habit of writing my dreams down again if for no other reason than they usually involve more detailed and creative scenarios than I could come up with in my waking life. I can’t help but think that a dream diary would be a useful mine for ideas.

On that note, I’m off to bed. Who knows what dreams may come.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 7, 2015.

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