Smattered Thoughts

Thanks to a day of rain, the air in Los Angeles is unnaturally clean at the moment. Driving to campus from my internship in Hollywood I realized that it was possible to see the Griffith Observatory which I’d never noticed before. I wish I could say that being clear sighted was also making me clear minded, but lately my thoughts have been scattered and disorganized. That certain kind of disorganized that makes creativity difficult. I find it easy to think of many small thoughts, but I’m struggling to turn them into a meaningful observation or force them into any kind of big thoughts.

Small and scattered. Smattered.

Here are a few of them:

It turns out that it’s a bad idea to wear rings (particularly silver rings) while washing the shower curtain liner with bleach: they will still be tarnished a week later. When I have down time I find myself scrubbing at the blackened rings trying to bring the shine back. Usually they stay shiny just through normal wear. Just goes to show: even if you keep your reputation shining through everyday acts: it only takes one ill-advised project to take the shine off.

The thing about fruit- especially a fruit like an orange- is that it doesn’t taste the same all the way through. It turns out that “orange” flavor is really a multitude of flavors that change depending upon what part of the orange you’re eating. The peel tastes different from the pith. The fruit on the edges tastes different from the fruit at the center. The smell of an orange will linger in the car even after the peel has been thrown away. The smell reminds me of my grandparents.

That’s all for now. Scattered thoughts need to sleep.

Speaking of food and eating: there’s no graceful, grown-up way to eat leftover lamb without a knife: no matter your best intentions, you will look like a hyena. Your only hope is to



~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 8, 2015.

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