The longer I lie here trying to think of something to write about the more time I spend thinking about everything that I need to do this week. The more I think about everything I need to do this week the more the week looms over me like a mountain that just keeps growing taller the more I look at it.

Having my phone in hand and getting distracted by incoming notifications doesn’t help: I guess this is why they day that you shouldn’t use electronic devices right before bed ( phones, laptops, etc) and it probably accounts for my recurring zombie apocalypse nightmares. But if I weren’t writing this on my phone in bed I’d be writing it on my laptop at the kitchen table and I’d still be distracted by the notifications and I’d still be staring up Insurmountain.

I keeping track of what day of the week it is, which is worrisome: it’s not a normal week- it is one of the last few weeks of the semester which means that classes are ramping up with final projects coming due. It is a sound mix for the class that I am a student assistant for: and as the sound assistant that means I need to be on my game. It is also the last few days before a major conference for the company where I am an intern so I need to be pretty nimble there as well. It’s the week I register for classes so I need to create the appropriate paperwork get clearance for them. And, because nature is not without a sense of humor, it’s the week that I get to experience the miracle of womanhood.

All things considered, I’m actually handling it pretty well so far. It’s Tuesday and there haven’t been any tears yet. Even though I’m looking up at the heap of work ahead of me I’m feeling pretty calm about each individual piece, which is a rare and pleasant change of pace. In fact the thing I’ve been the most worried about is that I might space something out because anxiety isn’t keeping it at the front of my mind. There are certainly worse things to worry about.

So tomorrow will be another round in the prizefight, but for now I think it’s ok to retreat to my corner and get some rest.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 14, 2015.

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