Early at Live


Of course the minute I go to take a picture the crowd dispersed.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks at LA Live with a short black coffee and an hour to kill. It is a Clippers game tonight, so the plaza is busy with crowds, but that’s not why I’m here: I’m actually here for a field trip for class… or, I will be in an hour when class begins. In the meantime I’m just here trying to stay out of the crowd while I wait.

I like to arrive places early, but this was early even for me. On a normal Wednesday I would be coming to class from my internship in Hollywood: a drive that typically takes forty minutes to an hour in rush hour traffic. That’s forty minutes to an hour to arrive at campus. LA Live, being somewhat closer, would take somewhat less time. But I wasn’t coming from Hollywood today. Today my internship didn’t need me since everybody is just getting back into town from a conference in fabulous Las Vegas. So I had a rare day to myself at home which I spent doing laundry and generally catching up with myself from the past few whirlwind weeks. The only down side to this was that I had no reasonable guess of how long it would take me to get from home to LA Live during rushed on the day of a Clippers game so I wildly overestimated my travel time.

And that just about brings us to where we started: sitting in a Starbucks with a short black coffee and an hour to kill.

The window of a coffee shop is a great place to watch the passing masses of humanity. From here the flow of the crowd is strangely compelling- soothing even. The koi pond of Los Angeles is filled with some of the most beautiful and unique characters in the world: women in sports jerseys and six inch heels, an older gentleman so bent over his cane be can’t possibly be real, the little rich girl in her designer stroller picking her nose with evident satisfaction, a man with warts all over his face, a hipster on a bicycle with her helmet crammed down over headphones and a beanie… I could watch for the whole hour and still never run out of new characters.

So while I’m here early I clearly won’t be bored.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 22, 2015.

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  1. Interesting post.

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