Dark Horse



The muse of poetry was upon me. This is a rare thing: I almost never write poetry so I have no internal gauge on which to measure whether this poem is actually any good (probably not, but that’s ok, it was fun to be inspired). So for better or worse, here it is:

A horse drowned in the swamps some years ago, forgotten and unknownForm poured full with mud and hungry creatures’ teethbefore the coming of the storm. Wept waters into the mud; thick and seep and barren thereBurst bones from earth; white and deepand silent hereWhen in ruin and decaywhen in wind and winterwhen the cloudy birth of dayarose the thunder’s shiver. Then in slick and oily muckthen in bells and tassels then outlined by sunlight’s goldthen free like the horizon windThere runs the horse that drowned beforeThere lives the creature running still.



~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 27, 2015.

One Response to “Dark Horse”

  1. Arrrttaaaaxxxxx!

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