Cold and Quiet

A perfect likeness of my mind space.

A perfect likeness of my mind space.

I’m supervising recording sessions all day.

The recording stage is cold and quiet- the kind of quiet that absorbs thought and makes you want to take a nap. I’m trying to use the time wisely: supervising a recording session involves a lot of hurry up and wait, so while there is plenty of spare time it is broken up into dozens of tiny pockets. This makes it tricky to do anything that requires sustained concentration, but is good for dealing with lots of small tasks and “things I’ve been meaning to get around to”.

Unfortunately, writing typically falls into the category of ‘requires sustained concentration” so this is likely to be a bit disjointed and distracted. That’s me these days: disjointed and distracted: I’m all, like: “Hey look! A bee!” or “Here, I wrote some poetry!” or “Sunsets are symbols of mortality!”

I suppose it is a good day to be lost amid the details: it’s the end of the month which is typically when I find myself looking back on everything that I’ve done (or meant to do, anyway) and try to wrap up as many last minute threads as I can. April was a heckuva month so there are plenty of threads to be dealt with. The semester is wrapping up which means I need to start getting my head on straight for the summer. For most of the month I’ve been telling myself “I’ll think about that once the semester is over” but now I’m beginning to realize that will be too late and I should start getting organized now.

Big changes to my schedule always knock me for a loop: summer most of all because it is usually a lot less structured than regular school semesters. Structure can seem constricting, but it is also nice to know what kind of shape that I’m going to have to mold myself into in order to fit.

Ugh OK I’ve been working on this post on-and-off for hours now so I’m going to wrap it up. Better stuff next time.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 30, 2015.

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