To The Library

Don't worry- they can't get past the food cart.

Don’t worry- they can’t get past the food cart.

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write.

The past few days all that I’ve had to write about is my adventures cleaning the apartment, which doesn’t make for very interesting reading. Today I ventured a little bit further afield by going out to run errands. I made the mistake of leaving the house around the same time that all the high schools were letting out which is like deciding to set up a picnic right after stomping on a giant hill of aggressive fire-ants driving minivans. Every intersection was boobytrapped with teenage pedestrians (invincible, doncha know, so they don’t need to look either way before meandering out into traffic) and every parking lot was an adrenaline pumping game of bumper cars.

But aside from three near death experiences (only one of which featured my death), a near T-boning, an almost-side swipe and getting cut off four times (but who’s counting) it was an ordinary bit of errand running. I discovered that the local library is a popular hang out for teens- because there is a food cart in the front atrium- not the part filled with all those icky books. Getting in the door was a nightmare, but once inside I had the run of the place.

It’s been a few weeks since reading has seemed like much fun to me. For a while the thought of trying to read anything felt like just another burden to add to my list. As I was laying out my schedule for the rest of the month, however, I realized that I had some travel coming up. Travel meant flights. Flights meant reading time. Flying is becoming my new guilty pleasure: I have a perfectly valid excuse to ignore my phone for several hours and just sit and read and listen to music. As soon as they figure out how to make coffee taste good at high altitude I will be in heaven.

So I went to the library to pick out a few books. A “few” meant two… at least as I was going in. I came out with five. At least two of them are a thousand pages long. I certainly have my reading cut out for me. It’s actually the shortest book that I am the most intimidated by: Arthur Miller’s “After The Fall”: apparently one of his most intellectual works. I expect that I will probably need to follow it up with the Cliff’s Notes version to understand what I read, but it came highly recommended so I’m going to give it a shot.

On that note… I think I hear a book calling my name.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 18, 2015.

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