Losing Artistry

Thanks, I try.

Thanks, I try.

I put my foot under the desk and felt something soft. Thinking it was my slipper I tried to put my foot in it but it turned out that it was the cat; wondering why I was shoving my foot in his face. He has since emerged from beneath the desk and is now trying to get my attention by scratching the carpet.

This story doesn’t have a point. Five minutes ago I glanced at the clock and realized that it was almost bedtime and I still hadn’t written a blog. Up until that point the evening had been quite productive- literally since I was using the time to work on production- and the sudden attempt to change gears from left-brain logistical thinking to right-brain creative thinking was causing more than a little bit of grinding under the hood.

So I just started to write about the first thing that came to mind. Or, in this case, the first thing that came to foot. It’s one of the pitfalls of bad improv: talking about all the things immediately around you because the minute you are on the spot you discover that the immediate present is all you can focus on. It makes for bad stage performance, but does seem to be helpful for overcoming writers block. Somehow the act of putting words on paper (or on screen anyway) makes it easier to put ideas into words. It’s a vicious cycle that isn’t very vicious at all.

I got to thinking about artwork today on my drive home. I use to draw all the time, now I’m lucky if I manage an occasional doodle in a notebook. Part of me is not surprised by this: as a mortal human being I have a finite amount of time and concentration and all of it is going into filmmaking at the moment. Part of me wonders whether I will lose my artistic skill if I don’t keep practicing it. Is drawing a use-it-or-lose-it skill or is it like riding a bicycle: once you learn it you never forget it? I have to think that it is a skill that I’ll always have a certain amount of affinity for, although if I don’t keep practicing then I’ll never get any better at it. I might lose a little ground to being out of practice, but I don’t think the actual skill will go away.

The ability to sit down and do a drawing might, though. I’m sure that it must be similar to sitting down and writing every day: some days it will come easily and other days it will be pointless stories about accidentally kicking the cat. It’s probably a habit worth getting back into.

Later, though, not tonight.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 21, 2015.

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