Leveling Up

We met a friend for lunch today at a PacMan themed restaurant called Level 257. The appeal of such a place escaped me. I was never much a one for arcade games and the idea of going to a restaurant entirely themed around eight bit video and sound and flashing lights and dinging bells didn’t sound like my idea of a good time, but the Curmudgeonly Lion wanted to go so I decided to keep my mouth shut and my mind open.

I’m glad that I did. Level 257 turned out to be just about as grown up and tasteful of a restaurant as it is possible to create and still have it be based on an arcade game. The floorplan was spacious and well designed. The food was delicious. The music wasn’t oppressively loud and there were only a handful of televisions around the bar instead of every surface covered with a digital interface screaming for attention.

It was almost as if they wanted you to be able to socialize with your companions.

At any rate, I was glad that I’d gone. I’d even be happy go again except that approaching it means entering the gravity well of a massive suburban mall. Even at lunch hour on a weekday it took us two tries to achieve escape velocity since our first attempt veered off course for a visit to the nearby Lego store. We’d seen The Video of how to make gummy Legos at home which called for the silicone Lego ice cube trays to use as molds. Apparently we weren’t the only ones to get this big idea since the shop workers were saying that they’d sold almost twenty ice cube trays in the past week or so thanks to aforementioned video. We haven’t tried making anything yet, but now at least we have molds for when we do.

So that was our adventure for the day. Legos and PacMan. Sure is good to be a grownup.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 27, 2015.

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