Counting Steps


I want to come back as a pampered house cat who doesn't know the meaning of the word "scale".

After a week of traveling, visiting, and most of all eating I made the mistake of coming home and stepping on the scale. Cruel, cruel scale: why do you delight in torturing me?

The news was not good.

I resolved to make some changes: get running, for one thing, and give up beer… at least until I’ve regained some kind of new eating routine. And eat more vegetables. Change starts today.

So I got home from work and went for a run. My iPod was dead from the recent travels and I didn’t think to charge it earlier in the day so I had to do without it. This left me with the interesting dilemma trying to find a way to occupy my mind on what was likely to be a slow and frustrating run after a week of sitting around eating.

So I started counting.

I’d read in a book earlier in the day that the best way to make progress without getting tired was to run twenty paces and then walk twenty paces. This seemed like it would probably be too much walking for me to count it as a run, but I didn’t really know how far twenty paces was so I decided to test it out. It turns out that counting paces is a great way to keep the mind occupied. I fell into a pattern of running two hundred paces and walking fifty: this seemed closest to my normal run/walk intervals, but by the end I found myself counting out distances just to see how many paces they required for me to run them.

It was an interesting experiment, but I look forward to having a charged iPod next time.

So day one was a success: at least on the go-for-a-run-and-don’t-drink-a-beer kind of way, although I still fell short when it came to the eating of vegetables. Gotta leave SOME room for improvement I suppose.

Tomorrow: day two.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 1, 2015.

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