Self Storage

The storage unit facility announced that they were raising their rates. This had happened before: they typically tried to raise prices at least once a year and at least once in the past we threatened to move out because of the amount of the new rent and were, grudgingly, given a lower price.

This time they wanted to raise it by 30% and they’d just raised prices in October. We decided it was time to check around. Being summer we actually had the time to spend a day doing the move: the biggest thing that held us back in the past. So we found a new facility that is closer to home, had a bigger locker available, cost less than our increased rent would’ve been at the old place, and they offered the free use of a moving truck. 

The decision was not difficult.

Moving everything from one locker into the other, however, put my muscles to the test. My back is already sore. I’m waiting to see what is complaining tomorrow. It felt good too have everything reorganized, though. Some of the things in storage are things that I’d put out of my mind for the past three years and it was nice to have the chance to see them again. A lot of the stuff in storage is not valuables, but rather mementos- an accumulation of small sentiments that are just too meaningful to throw away and not necessary enough to keep in the apartment. I sometimes feel guilty for paying for a storage unit at all, but not enough to actually get rid of stuff. Perhaps this is a flaw in my personality: the attachment to material objects. I can live with it for now.

At any rate, that was what kept me busy for the day, along with the Curmudgeonly Lion and my sister Bean.  Now I feel it is time for a well deserved rest.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “Self Storage”

  1. Sounds like the typical pains of being in California. I can relate to this as Kate and I have had to deal with an increase with Self-Storage rates – fortunately not 30%.

    Who provides your self-storage?

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