It’s hard to believe that today was the longest day of the year. It always feels strange to me that “midsummer” should come at the beginning of summer instead of in the middle of it, but then again I tend to judge summer by feel rather than by date. It does feel like summer around here: the weather has been hot and sunny and every time that I get in the van I am more and more grateful for a working air conditioner.

So here’s to the longest day of the year: they just get shorter from here on out.

It was also Father’s Day today, of course, and due to a coincidence of the calendar it happened to also be my parents wedding anniversary of thirty five years: quite an impressive run and showing no signs of stopping. I called home for a brief visit and wished that I’d had more to say- life has been busy, but not, evidently, newsworthy.

On that note, it’s the end of the longest of the year and the night is going to be short so I’m going to wrap this up for today.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 21, 2015.

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