The Choir Forming Room

In my dream it was my birthday. It was a present day birthday: I was grown up and turning thirty something but my folks still gave me a Duplo set. It was almost as tall as I was and shaped like a house and covered in the letters of the alphabet.

“And the great thing is,” they enthused, “you can’t put it together wrong. There’s only one way that the pieces fit together.”

Later in my dream, apparently unrelated, I was making my way through a series of sound exhibitions. Each section of the exhibition featured another kind of sound. The only section that I remembered with any vividness was called the Men’s Choir. It was a vast room filled with undulating firms built out of audio foam that moved in gentle sinuous motions like the swell of waves. The foam was grey and plush like velvet. In the places where it swelled into mounds there were speakers each playing a single tone sang by a single voice. In concert, all the mounds and all the voices formed a rich, harmonious choir, but since all the mounds were in motion, the song changed depending upon where you were in the room. It was impossible to stop the song: even if you held perfectly still the room continued to move around you. No one could hear the same song as anybody else. Most people just settled down onto the foam floor and floated over the surface of the bobbing waves which eventually drifted them towards a narrow chute which became a one-way exit out of the exhibit. If you wanted to go back in the room you had to go back to the entrance. Like the Duplo set: there was only one way that it went.

I woke up knowing that I’d slept but not feeling rested. For all my tiredness I didn’t feel like I was getting the kind of sleep that I wanted.

The day itself was uneventful. I went to work. I decided to wear flip flops to give my feet a rest from my normal shoes. One of the flip flops spontaneously snapped during one of my meetings and I had to tape it to my foot for the rest of the day.

I tried Trader Joe’s ‘Green Juice’ for the first and last time but conceded defeat after two thirds of a bottle: I couldn’t figure out why people like it.

Later In the day I was putting up my hair with my hairstick In my mouth when I accidentally knocked it with my arm. It bashed against my teeth crushing my lip in between. It hurt, but it was nothing that I hadn’t done to myself before. I still started crying. Of all the stress and over tiredness and struggle, this was the thing to make me cry.

All In all the day was pleasantly uneventful and moderately productive. I am going to need to quickly get on the bandwagon for the next project but It was nice to have a day of relative rest in between.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 30, 2015.

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