So, how about that Donald Trump, eh?

It is one of the classic blunders: engaging an older white male in a conversation on the subject of Politics.

It’s not that I mind some lively political discourse: I’ve actually learned a lot from listening to the way people describe their political views, but it always puts me in the interesting predicament of trying to be an attentive listener without being forced to share my own views.

For me, political opinions are a private matter- partly this is because I tend to be a rather private person to begin with and partly this is because I find that my political opinions tend to be fluid and don’t fit easily into a Party mold. So in conversations about Political matters I make an effort to stay objective. This requires a special kind of skilled conversational ninjutsu because  Political conversations are, by their very nature, non-objective. The speaker is nearly always trying to gauge whether or not the listener is on their side and to either find common ground, win them over, or prove them wrong.

I do my best to listen politely, but try to avoid contributing as much as possible. This makes for rather one sided conversations, but I suppose I can’t complain, I’d rather listen than talk anyway.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 9, 2015.

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