Day Writing

Meh, Time is relative.

Meh, Time is relative.

I have a rare moment of daytime down-time at the moment. My morning meeting was shorter and more efficient than anticipated and my next meeting isn’t scheduled for another forty minutes or so. Yes, I have a long list of tasks to accomplish but many of them require me to either drive across town or be at home with all the paperwork that is on my desk, so I’m trying to be differently  efficient by writing a post now instead of in the waning hours of the evening.

I’m a little out of the habit of daytime writing- I’ve even gotten out of the habit of writing on a computer since lately I’ve been doing most of my writing on my phone… one of the perils of always being on-the-go I suppose. I long for the day when I will have a proper office again and I don’t need to carry all my work with me on my back. If I make it through graduate school without warping my spine into the shape of a question mark it will be a minor miracle.

One of the advantages of writing in the evening is that I have a whole days worth of experiences to comment on. A day is a long time, although it sometimes often doesn’t feel like it: I often don’t realize how much I will be able to squeeze in until I look back and see how much I managed to accomplish. I suppose days look longer when you are looking back on them rather than looking forward to them. I wonder if they seem longer the farther that they are in the past as well… maybe that is why days seemed so long when you were a kid- because now when you think of them you are looking backwards at them and the older that you get the farther the recede into the past.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 10, 2015.

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