Mine Dreams

A funny way to get to a mine.

A funny way to get to a mine.


In my dream I was working in a mine.

I’m not sure what it was that I was mining, only that it was deep underground in a series of tunnels made of black cement with a lot of machinery located somewhere under the School of Cinematic Arts and run by the post-production lab manager. For reasons that I can’t remember I had left the mine and I needed to get back in: but the only way to do this was to climb to the top of a tall oak tree.

Getting to the top of the tree was easy: a tall scaffolding had been built nearby. The entrance shaft to the mine, though, was down the center of the tree’s hollow trunk and to get to it required balancing across a wide branch high in the air. Perhaps this should have been easy, except that I had a five gallon plastic bucket in one hand and there were smaller branches that blocked the way on the main branch and these had to be navigated around carefully. I tried grabbing one of these smaller branches to lever myself around but it was as dry as bones and cracked ominously in my hand.

“Careful,” a voice said from behind me- I don’t recall who it was who was there. “The branches are all dry and hollow.”

I knew this to be true. I could feel that the wood was light and dry and I could hear the hollow sound of cracking as I put my weight on it. I could steady myself on the smaller branches, but not put my weight on them. It was delicate work, but I was able to make it across without a problem. Once I was at the trunk it was possible to look down inside where the entire tree was hollow and dark like a well. I dropped the bucket over the edge- it was tied to a thin rope as if I expected to pull it up again. It had fallen about halfway down the shaft before it occurred to me that hollow trees might be the kind of place where bees might make a hive. Or yellow jackets. Or paper wasps.

Sure enough, the bucket hit a nest of some sort, but I didn’t wait to see what the swarm would be made of: I leaped off the branch and went into free-fall with the bucket. When I landed I was in the mine again, safe.

It seemed to be that every time I left the mine I encountered danger. In a later part of the dream I was out in the prairies of Illinois. I was driving in a car with someone and all around us tornadoes were touching down: long, narrow black funnel clouds forming to brush the ground like long fingers before dissolving back up into the clouds. There were dozens of them, but somehow the person that I was with couldn’t see them. I kept trying to tell them that we were surrounded by tornadoes but they didn’t believe me. One formed very close by- right in front of our car and I pointed it out. I wasn’t especially afraid: I remembered (in waking life) watching video of a huge tornado that had touched down a few days ago in Illinois and none of these were as big as that.

Later, I was looking down at the devastation from the tornadoes from a high place: I had the sense that I was looking down from the side of a wrecked building. Everything else had been completely flattened. Somehow, it was also the 1930s.  A stretch of road had been cleared right in front of the building and a parade seemed to be taking place as a showcase of all the newest models of cars that had been invented during the year. There were sleek coupe sports cars that rivaled the design of some modern cars. There were novelty cars in the shapes of lips or with open tops. There seemed to be a series of driving couches which gave the procession the appearance of a 1930’s Couch Gag from “The Simpsons”.

I became aware that I could have any of the cars that I wanted. Somehow, it seemed, I had won the lottery. Somehow, it seemed, I suddenly had an enormous amount of money. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just went back to the mine to work some more. I discovered they had a washing machine down there and realized that I’d never noticed being dirty/smelly before, but I thought that might be something new to do.

Then I woke up.  If there was more then I don’t remember it. I actually felt pretty good considering that I’d dreamed about bees and heights and falling and tornadoes and mines: somehow I woke up feeling kinda happy.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 22, 2015.

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