Coffee Shop Hopping

Hey- Hey look! You've got free time! Wanna hang out?!

Hey friend! Hey look! You’ve got free time! Wanna hang out?!

The only thing I knew for sure about today was that I had a meeting in Santa Monica in the morning and I had a meeting in Culver City in the evening. There was a comfortable span of time between the two meetings if I needed to go to campus or run errands, but it didn’t make sense to drive home- not in a minivan with gas prices over four dollars a gallon.

So I did the next best thing: I went to a coffee shop.

Ahh the coffee shop: the quintessential “third place”- public yet safe, indoors, air conditioned and with free wifi. Who could ask for anything more? Oh, and coffee of course. Lately I’ve been trying to avoid drinking coffee late in the afternoon- I don’t need any help disrupting my sleep patterns these days- but today I thought I’d make the exception. A cup of coffee and a cheese plate. Is this the life or what? How lucky am I to be here right now to enjoy this? The only thing that could possibly make this better would be if I’d remembered to bring a book to read.

Not that I really have the time to read it. I have an hour or two of unstructured time, but plenty of things that need to be accomplished: it seems like a wise idea to keep making progress while I enjoy the scenery. The scenery isn’t much to look at, actually: from where I sit I can mostly see a lot of cars, two banks, a hospital, and soon: the setting sun.

Learning to live with the sun in southern California is like learning to live with an extremely extraverted , aggressively cheery friend who wants to spend OMG ALL DAY EVERY DAY with you!!! I like the sun, but I don’t like like it: after all, I keep getting burned by it.

So I spend most of my time hiding from it, but it always seems to find me.

At the moment the sun is behind an awning and I am waiting with ‘bated breath to find out whether it is going to come blazing down on me when it gets low enough to peek in the window or whether it will be blocked by the trunk of a nearby palm tree.

That’s what I call high stakes, fast-paced entertainment.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 23, 2015.

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