Well if that don't fetch 'em then I don't know Arkansas.

I watched an interesting video explaining how bad dreams actually help our minds deal with fears and upsetting thoughts. The gist of it was that the sleeping mind uses thoughts from the day to tell itself stories in the form of dreams which allows the mind to transform thoughts and concerns into memories. As a memory, the abstract, present day anxieties become a thing of the past instead of a potential present danger. The past is finite.

This certainly explains how I’m able to dream about tornados and destruction and mines and still wake up feeling pretty good. No wonder my dreams have been so vivid and elaborate lately!

I was fumbling with my phone earlier today and I happened across a note-taking app that I had apparently, unsuccessfully, tried to use as a way to write down my dream one night. Between the fact that I was writing it while half asleep, in the dark, without my contacts in and utterly at the whim of autocorrect, the resulting text is almost incoherent. It’s about as mystifying as a Greek oracle trying to describe an episode of the Simpson’s as written by a chimp on a typewriter while high on ecstasy.

It was the end of a big ordeal. Film Zook maybe.”  the story began, “Steve click cane tome with a petition about a blue! drone strike that i hadto sign if i wanted to stay in school. There are pages and pages andy wasp pictures and line after line. It seemed like everybody else had signed it but i knew that i want going to and that it was a test.

I don’t know how therapeutic this was as a dream, but reading it out loud certainly gave me a good laugh.

Earlier i was following charlie throne. I waddell in this basement the building and there was a Syracuse leading to lucasfilm. It wasting and stone spiralchanged right in the ground.”

Funnily enough, I actually remember the dream after reading this. I suppose that just goes to show that even if the words get garbled the message can still come through. I suppose it also goes to show just how refreshing a bit of nonsense can be.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 27, 2015.

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