The day began with me in an unaccountably bad mood. I couldn’t explain it at the time and I still can’t: perhaps it was because I’d spent the night dreaming that I was on set for a production and didn’t feel very rested by the time I woke up. Maybe it was because I knew I had a lot that I needed to accomplish and was trying to find excuses to go back to bed and pretend that I didn’t have to deal with them.

Whatever the reason, it made for a rough start to the morning.

I went for my run and took a shower. I took the van in to the mechanics for an oil change. Then I sat and sorted receipts. I did this for the rest of the day. I’m still not done with them. For the past four months receipts have been accumulating on every surface like financial dandruff. Receipts for the music video production at the start of summer. Receipts from the short film production that wrapped last week. Receipts from personal purchases from as far back as May. Sorting them, dating them, affixing them on sheets of paper so that I can submit them to the school for reimbursement. I took a break in the mid afternoon when I ran out of tape. My god, what a mess.

I do feel better now that it is done, but I wish that I felt like I’d actually done something besides shuffling little bits of paper around. On the plus side, I can see table top again.

As much as I’m complaining I’m also glad that I had the time to sit down and get it all done. Receipts are detail work and I sometimes find it easy to neglect the details until I get overwhelmed by them. It’s one of those tasks like making the bed or cleaning the floors: it’s not really a problem to let it slide for a while, but it feels so good when it finally gets done.

So anyway, that was my day.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 26, 2015.

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