Party Day

As an introvert I have to remind myself that parties are a part of life and that they won’t last forever. With the start of the semester it is a bit of a party season right now. Welcome back parties, start of a new academic year parties, last chance to get in one more summer barbeque gatherings, etc.

Today I had two parties in one day. This exceeds my party per day tolerance level by about one-and-a-half parties, but soon enough it will be time for a routine again and I wanted to have the chance to visit with some people that I haven’t seen all summer so I made the effort. Both events were a good time.

When I get into the swing of a project I find it easy to forget to celebrate important milestones. Half the time I am too tired and relieved to find any celebratory events to be much fun and half the time I’m the one who would have to plan the event at the exact moment when I’m the most burnt out and the idea of planning a party sounds about as appealing as stabbing out my eyes with a fork.  (For the record, I’ve now gone three nights in a row with production related nightmares and I’m not in production anymore.)

So really, if I think about it, I’m enjoying the fact that I’m getting to conveniently enjoy parties planned and hosted by other people.

That said, though, I still left before midnight and am now well past my bedtime. So that’s all I have to say about that.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 30, 2015.

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