Family Time Flies

The apartment had become a nightmare of flies. Where are they coming from? How are they getting in? I really don’t know anymore. In the past we have had trouble with maggots in the trash, so we built a wooden box with a lid to put the trash can in, layered the bottom of the box with baking soda and treated the bottom of the garbage can itself with bleach. I’ve done all the dishes, vacuumed all the floors ( and vacuuming at least six surprised flies out of mid air), taken all the recycling off the porch, and each night I go around the house with a dish towel culling the swarm as much as I can and still they persist.

It is beginning to feel like a battle with Fly-Hydra. Kill one and two more appear.


One just buzzed my head right now.

I’ve really only had to deal with the flies at home. Between the football game yesterday and a day spent visiting with family today, I haven’t actually been home much to experience the plague of flies. But they’re always there waiting for me. No matter how good my day might be I still have to go home and kill flies. Today was a great day: a good visit with my sisters and my dad, a chance to see a show at the Old Town Music Hall theater in El Segundo, a good dinner near the beach, a visit with my mom who arrived later in the day, and, to top it all off: cake.

Talk about a good day.

Except for the flies.

I’m beginning to think that the flies might be symbolic somehow: that they are the worries and annoyances that I still need to deal with but that I keep leaving at home and only thinking about during that narrow window of time between when I arrive back at the apartment and when I fall into bed. These flies might be the homework that I’m putting off or the fact that I’ve been eating junk food for three days and haven’t gone for a run or just the fact that I still have piles of things begging for my attention that I continue to ignore there’s certainly plenty buzzing around my head at the moment.

It won’t last much longer, though. Flies beware: Smackdown is coming.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 6, 2015.

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