Readin’ N Eatin’

Today was dedicated to the single task of reading an entire book. I need to do a book review by Tuesday: a project that I intended to start several weeks ago but my first two book choices were not accepted by the professor. This left me with the unfortunate dilemma of finding a third book option that I could actually physically acquire in enough time to read it and write a review, which ruled out Amazon, and now that bookstores have gone the way of Blockbuster I was left at the mercy of the collection at the local library. I went by on Friday to investigate my options and found two that I considered viable: I’d already decided that I was going to proceed with one of them without seeking approval first. If the book wasn’t appropriate, then I wasn’t going to have time to find another option and I’d either have to do the review on it anyway or else not have a review at all.

So I spent the day reading. In some ways this was immensely satisfying because I got to start and finish the book without interruptions ( with the exception of a short nap around page seventy five). After a productive day like yesterday, though, it didn’t feel like I’d actually done much. It felt a little bit like Christmas- I spent the whole day in my robe lying around the house reading… only it was ninety degrees and there were no presents.

At any rate, I got it done. The reading, that is. I still need to write the review. It seemed like a good idea to let it all percolate for a while before figuring out what I want to say about it. In the meantime I went for a run And did dinner with the Curmudgeonly Lion and reminded myself that it’s ok to relax a little bit since the next four weekends are going to be humdingers full of traveling and visiting family.

On that note, it’s time to wrap this up for the night.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 26, 2015.

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