New Money

Siller coins.

Siller coins.

It was laundry day and the Curmudgeonly Lion had been kind enough to go to the bank to get quarters for me. In an effort to be pro-active with my busy day I grabbed a whole roll as I headed out the door to the laundry room. It wasn’t until I got there and cracked it open that I realized it was an entire roll of brand new 2015 quarters.

This was a beautiful sight to see.

I felt bad even touching them: the edges weren’t dented or biffed. The faces were shiny and bright.  And here I was going to use them to do laundry. Le sigh.

There is just something marvelous about new money. Unfortunately, though, this means that I hardly ever want to spend it. Crisp new dollar bills are so hard to let go of!It is definitely tempting to want to hoard them. I once had a boss who would make a point of crumpling up new dollars so that customers wouldn’t be tempted to hold onto them instead of tipping.

Ah, well. Easy come, easy go.

I thought I had more to say on this subject, but it turns out that I don’t have quite the brilliant insights that I expected. It was a good title though, which is usually the hardest part for me to come up with. I guess I used up all my insight on the title this time.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 30, 2015.

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