Jar of Thoughts

What? What? What is this wet on the ground!?!

I knew there was a chance of rain today but I was under the impression that it would be finished by mid morning. When midmorning came and the sky was seamlessly blue I felt certain that the chance of rain had passed. So I was admittedly surprised to emerge after several hours inn the basement to discover the ground wet and the sky low and overcast.

Ahh October.

As I understand it, the heat is supposed to resume by the weekend so I’m going ahead and enjoying the novelty of the rain while I can.

Like the weather, my day has proven to be a series of unexpected turns: half the time this turns out to be unfortunate news and setbacks and half the time it turned out to be good news so on the whole I can’t complain although I had the impulse to do so many times.

We just got back into town after a trip to New Orleans for a family wedding. The trip was great fun and quite a success, but now that I’m back I’m still struggling to get back in step with my schedule. The fact that it is a new month adds to the confusion since it means I’m trying to sort out my goals for the month and take stock of the things I didn’t get to last month as well as catching up on the day to day tasks at hand. My mind feels like a cloud of moths trapped in a glass jar- I can feel a thousand fluttering thoughts waiting to come to rest, but only distantly- through an impermeable barrier.

Oh well, I’m have to worry about it tomorrow: too late to open the jar tonight.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 6, 2015.

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