Radiant Dreams

Not sure if I want to go around touching these...

Not sure if I want to go around touching these…

I woke up this morning after a long and unsettling dream, most of which I don’t remember now. It had something to do with radioactive materials and the high school gym locker room- not necessarily together, but somehow connected by dream logic. There didn’t seem to be anywhere I could go to get away from the radiation- maybe I was even carrying it around with me, I’m not sure I could even say for sure now since I didn’t write it down right after I woke up. I looked at a slideshow of pictures from the Fukushima exclusion zone yesterday, which is probably where the radioactive material imagery came from. I also caught part of Iron Man II in which he casually invents a new element which he then uses to power a mini-reactor so I can only assume that it probably had radioactive qualities that he then plugged straight into his chest… I’m pretty sure that featured into the dream somehow.

Even though I can’t remember the specifics, the memory of the dream keeps resurfacing in the form of a shapeless unease that I keep discovering around unexpected corners. Do you ever have a dream that isn’t actually bad per se, but somehow gets under your skin? This dream was like that. I woke up feeling less rested than when I went to sleep, but there isn’t any single thing that I could point to as the cause of my unrest.

At any rate, now I’m paying for it: trying to stay awake and focused all the while carrying around the sensation that I ought to be resolving some issue that is hovering in the back of my mind.

It is the start of a new week. It is just about midterms so I’m working to keep track of all the projects that are coming due and deadlines for which I need to prepare. I have a little over an hour between finishing work and the start of class so I’m trying to use the time wisely. At the moment that means writing this post, whether or not I have an inspiration for it. Yesterdays post was uninspired. Today’s post is uninspired. It is frustrating to sit and write and to end up with something that you’re not very proud of, but at least I’m consistent.




~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 12, 2015.

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