Wide Eyes

It was the annual dilating of the eyes. About four years ago I had a small tear in my retina that had to be glued back down with a laser, so now every year around this time I have an appointment with a retinologist to make sure everything is still tacked down. For the past few years the news has been good- the fluid that got under the retina has been reabsorbed and my eye seems to have pretty well healed itself. No news is definitely good news. It was another no news year.

Unlike in previous years, the retinologist had a new machine this year for taking pictures of the eye. It looked, no joke, like Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Once the was taken the doctor called it up on a monitor so I actually got to see it. Most of the retina looked like a peachy orange bubble. The laser scar was a raggedy green line containing the tear which was no longer visible. Who knew that I’d ever gaze so deeply into my own eyes.

Getting back to campus after getting one’s eyes dilated is a perennial challenge. It’s possible to drive with dilated eyes- distance vision is not greatly affected, but close up tasks like paying for the parking or reading texts from the Curmudgeonly Lion. ( For this I had to put the phone in the passenger side hand rest to get far enough away from it for it to be in focus at which point it was too small to read). And even with sunglasses and a cloudy sky there were still moments when the brightness of daylight was excruciating. It was a new kind of pleasure when I made it to the dimness of the parking structure.

After that the day was reasonably uneventful, although I suspect that tomorrow will bring a new chapter to the OSLI story. We didn’t see him all weekend and he made an appearance this evening and his eye is much worse so I’m hoping he will show up tomorrow so I can bring him to a shelter. We shall see how things pan out.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 19, 2015.

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