But these are not the cats I'm looking for.

But these are not the cats I’m looking for.

Osli came back in the morning.

His bad eye was so swollen it looked like someone had glued a grape to the side of his face; and not a petite, organic grape but a commercial, GMO super-grape. Poor guy. The Curmudgeonly Lion and I were resolved to try to take him to an animal shelter to get him some medical help, but that was going to require catching and crating him first. We got out our plastic cat carrier and put a little plate of food in it. In spite of his grape-eye, Osli still had an appetite and walked right in to have some. We very nearly got the doors closed but hesitated, not wanting to pinch his tail, and in our hesitation he escaped and refused to be tempted back by food or catnip.

I left the carrier out on our patio with some food in it. It seemed unlikely that Osli would be back during the day, but if he was I wanted him to get used to the carrier a little bit. (Apparently the carrier became quite popular with some birds, but not with any cats). I posted a note on the carrier for the neighbors to let them know we were hoping to take Osli for some medical help and not just trapping him to get rid of him. I called the shelter to find out if I could bring him in once I caught him (I could, as long as it was before 5:30pm) and then I called one of my mom’s church friends who has some veterinary experience to see if she had any advice (mostly just to try to get him medical help as soon as possible, but it was good to get some reassurance). I made the mistake of Googling “Cat eye infections” (Pro tip: don’t do this on a full stomach) to try to figure out if this was the kind of infection that would cause him to lose his eye or not (still unsure).

Other than that, there has been no progress, just a lot of helpless worry. The more I want to help him the less I seem to be able to do for him. I worry that I waited too long to try to intervene.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 20, 2015.

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