Rain came today. I didn’t actually see it raining, but I noticed that the ground was wet during the few moments that I was in between classes. Yesterday the weather app on my phone said it was raining even though the sky was perfectly clear and sunny from horizon to horizon. But it must have been true, right? Because technology doesn’t lie. Right?

You know what does lie? The sign at the dollar store that says “sweet peppers”. Were they sweet? They were not. They were hot peppers. I discovered this the hard way: by blithely biting into one with dinner-in-a-hurry gusto. They’ll probably make for a good giardiniera, but they’re not a great snacking vegetable.

I was relieved to learn that my midterm essay was not written in Pig Latin as I feared. It was, however, consistent within my body of B+ work. Must snap out of that trend.

Didn’t cross anything off my list today. Don’t really want to get in the habit of judging my days based upon whether or not I’m accomplishing my to do list, but it’s getting down to brass tracks: I’m on the last two months of the year and the downhill side of the semester. I need to start putting tasks behind me.

I registered for classes today. Half of them, anyway. I think I still need to pick up four credits somewhere but I’m not sure where yet. All the classes that I’m the most interested in take place on the same night ( Monday has never been so popular).

Anyway, that’s all for now.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 2, 2015.

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