Big Words

When I say that I spent the day working as a Machine Room Operator doing print mastering on sound mixes out sounds very impressive. In actuality, my job consisted of “recording” the Sound mix onto a single track within the software and then exporting the file. It takes less than fifteen minutes to do for each project and mostly involves watching a five minute film twice to make sure there are no technical issues with the recording.

So that was much of my day. The work wasn’t difficult, but it was interesting to get another sound related technique under my proverbial belt.

The other day, after a long day of classes, I was walking back to my car and thinking about the classes that I planned to register for in the spring ( my final semester). I realized that I had regrettably mis-prioritized my classes for the past few years: not that I regret any of the classes that I’ve taken- it has been a feast of knowledge that I’ve gorged myself on, but after next semester I will no longer have access to the resources that the university has to offer, and I am going to feel that loss most acutely when it comes to sound. Once I get out into the real world I’ll still be able to take writing classes and directing classes and probably film history and criticism if I want, but I won’t be able to just pick up a session of sound mixing or dialogue editing or what have you. It is certainly all things that I could learn by experience if I got hired to do sound regularly or right away, but it’s a little bit like math or sciences- if you don’t learn it while you’re in school and you don’t go into that field for a job then there’s just no easy way to learn it in the side.

If I’d been clever, I would have prioritized my course load based upon how difficult it would be to find an equivalent class outside of the academic setting. It might’ve meant taking classes that I never thought that I’d be interested in, but I think that it would have given me a whole set of unexpected tools.

Ahh well, you live and learn.

I’m trying to make up for a bit of lost ground by just following as many opportunities in different areas as I can manage- like being an MRO for print mastering. I may be arriving late to the game but I still have a few innings left.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 6, 2015.

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