Long Ago and Faire Away


Oh look I'm staring straight into the sun. Again.

We drove down to Escondido for a Renaissance Faire today. It was sunny but not unbearably hot for a change and aside from the fact that the sun managed to shine directly in your eyes no matter which way you turned, it was a lovely day to be outside.

We got back home at about eight thirty and were ready for bed.

Going to the faire was “research” for a script that I am developing for my producing thesis. Looking at Renaissance Faire culture from the perspective of an outsider is an interesting exercise: why would someone want to go to a Renaissance Faire? What would motivate people to go to a themed craft faire and dress up like a pirate or a gypsy or a Klingon? Or why would someone go to a Renaissance Faire without going in costume? I mean, I know that I went because I developed a deep interest in all things Medieval during my tweens and my parents thought that I would get a kick out of the Renaissance Faire as the next best thing to going back in time ( they were right) and I started working there when I was in high school because I liked feeling like I fit in somewhere.

But I couldn’t say for sure why anybody else would do it.

I think perhaps that there is something about the Renaissance in general that inspires the imagination as a time when ideas were beginning to poke through the fertile imagination of the medieval mind and flourish in art and culture before becoming rigorously pruned back by the logic of the enlightenment and then harnessed by the pragmatism of the industrial revolution. And of course nowadays ideas are so fleeting and fractured in the ether of media culture that the poetic craftsmanship of the Renaissance seems uniquely compelling.

At any rate, it was a fun day of sunshine and fresh air and tomorrow it will be time to get back to work.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 7, 2015.

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