I didn’t get around to writing yesterday. It was one of those days in which every moment was consumed with an obligation- so much so that the day spilled over a full hour into today before I called it a night (or morning, really) and went to bed. I was up late to put the finishing touches on a paper that I was due to present today in class. I did The presentation and turned in the paper, feeling accomplished and thinking I could cross something off of my list, and I was promptly handed another paper assignment. Facepalm.

Today was a slightly less hectic day. It was still wall to wall obligations, but at least none of them overlapped and I might be able to call it a night before I turn into a pumpkin. I made the mistake of going on Facebook right before writing this so I feel badly even mentioning it instead of praying for Paris or weighing in on the Syrian refugee situation, or taking umbrage with Caitlyn Jenner’s un-feminist attitude, or clamoring about whatever other media frenzy I’m expected to participate in. The here and now is quite enough to occupy my attention.

Is it really necessary for me to participate in these conversations? Somehow social media has made it an obligation to comment/follow/share every and any event of controversy. Non participation takes on the tone of ignorance and apathy: it is perceived to be better to be disingenuous, but vocal about an issue in the name of “raising awareness” but all the awareness in the world won’t solve the problem unless someone actually does something.

I’m told that a social media presence is not only beneficial nowadays but actually necessary. At least in a media profession such as the career path that I hope to pursue, but how does anybody have that much meaningful to say? I suspect that no one is saying much of anything but they are saying a lot of nothing. Everybody is chasing this idea of social presence without any thought about what it means to be present, and the endless churning smoke of millions of breathless social media posts obscures meaning and reasoned discourse in the pursuit of viral popularity.

Whew. Turns out I had something to say after all.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 17, 2015.

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