Little Differences


The cat has been very needy lately, although I can hardly blame her: I haven’t been around much. When I’m lying on the bed our sitting on the couch or just generally puttering around the apartment she will follow me around and make an effort to get in my face. Occasionally this means climbing me like a tree, which involves being perforated by the claws of five pounds of fuzzy, drooly cat love.

A lot of people think that dogs are the pets to get if you want to be loved unconditionally, but I suspect that these people have never been on the receiving end of cat love. This is the cat that could be off absorbing a sunbeam somewhere but has chosen to absorb your love and attention instead.

Or perhaps it is you, the human, who is absorbing the love and affection. It would be difficult to say which way the flow of energy is going. Who’s to say which one of you is giving off more love than the other. If both of you are giving off equal amounts, is there really any energy exchange at all? Is it necessary to absorb love if you can generate it? If you can generate it, why would you need to seek it from anybody else in the first place? That turns into narcissism pretty quickly. On the other hand, not generating any love of your own turns into low self esteem pretty quickly too. It seems to me that it’s not the having of love that is important, but the exchanging of love: that in the giving there is receiving.

It’s possible that I’m over thinking this. All that I know for sure is that it’s nearly impossible to gather up the strength of will to get out of a chair when a cat is on your lap.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 22, 2015.

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