So Much Sound

The hardest part of the long Thanksgiving weekend is plunging back into classes with only two weeks left in the semester. This week is officially the final week of classes, which would mean a lot more if I were in the kind of program that emphasized exams at the end of the term. What I escape in the form of exams I make up for in the form of end-of-term projects. What other students consider to be “Reading Days” or “Exam Days” are just the semester going into overtime for a production student. The semester doesn’t really finish, it just runs out of time.

At any rate, along with the classes that I am in as a student I am also a teaching assistant for a production class in sound. The end of the semester means a profusion of sound classes since the final project of the semester has already been produced, directed, shot, and edited- leaving sound as the only post-production process still in progress. I love sound, but eight hours of it in a day is a LOT- especially coming off of a four day holiday weekend.

There’s nothing like a holiday weekend to bring out the flu in everybody. The Curmudgeonly Lion spent the weekend laying low and three students are out sick from class today. It is one of those truisms of life: you never get sick until you have time to be sick- so holiday weekends seem to bring it all to the surface. So far I seem to be fighting it off, but it may catch up with me as soon as classes end (although I hope not- that would make the holidays miserable).

Just two more weeks. I’m looking forward to having time to read again.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 30, 2015.

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