Unbroken Angels

So, it’s a rare treat when I actually get to share my production work on this blog. If I am working on an official production for the graduate program then I usually can’t share the video openly online due to copyright rules, so I spend a lot of time talking about a production (typically about how stressed that production is making me) without ever being able to share the finished product as a payoff.

Well, this project was a little bit different. Part music video, part Public Service Announcement, this short was produced in collaboration with a non-profit organization called YesICAN that advocates for the prevention of child abuse. It was produced under the USC umbrella, which allowed us to boost our production value considerably for our modest budget, and required all the usual USC paperwork and documentation which I finally squared away (in triplicate, literally) this afternoon.

Anyway, here are some fun behind-the-scenes facts that you might find interesting:

We were not allowed to bring the prop handgun into our school location, so the scene is cleverly composed of a combination of location shots and shots on a sound stage. **movie magic** (spirit fingers)

The carousel is a part of Santa Monica Pier and the people who run it couldn’t be nicer to work with. For most of the carousel shots, the director rode on the carousel in the “Director’s Chariot”.

The other producer appears in the film as “Sandra” (the mother during the segment set in the 1970s).

I hope that you enjoy the film- please feel free to share it: preventing abuse is a message that can’t be spread too far, too fast, or too loudly.



~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 1, 2015.

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