Half past yesterday but quarter to tomorrow.

Half past yesterday but quarter to tomorrow.

Have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself eating soup with a pita chip because you don’t have a spoon?

I have. For me that was Tuesday.

It has reached that point in the semester. My concentration is being pulled in so many direction that it is beginning to lose cohesion. Tuesday it was forgetting to pack a spoon. Yesterday it was forgetting my afternoon meeting after it disappeared off my calendar. Today I was determined to change things up: I knew I had an interview for an internship and I’d been very careful to avoid scheduling anything too close to it, before or afterwards. I planned to spend my morning working on the final project for tonight’s class and then change and head up to the studio leaving at least a full hour of travel time.

All this was going pretty well until I got the phone call: you know, the one where the person you think that you are heading to meet calls to say that your meeting time was an hour earlier than the time you thought it was? Yeah. That call. The whole day I had been meticulously planning around having an interview at 2:30 when the interview was actually at 1:30. So I either arrived fifteen minutes early or forty five minutes late. Luckily for me, the recruiter that I was supposed to interview with was still willing to meet with me, so I did accomplish the interview, but like they say- you never get a second chance at a first impression. I’ll just have to wait and see whether this sets me back.

The worst part is, I know that it was completely my fault- I just wasn’t paying attention to the details. It was in the calendar and it was entered at the correct time. I had an email confirmation with the time on it that I printed in order to have a hard copy- I just never bothered to read the time because I thought it was 2:30. And I know why it was 2:30 that was stuck in my head: that was the time that yesterday’s meeting-that-disappeared-off-my-calendar was scheduled for. I spent the whole day chewing over the fact that I had a 2:30 meeting yesterday that it carried right over into today.

Le Sigh.

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows how much I hate to be late. It turns out that it is even worse to be mistimed.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 3, 2015.

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