Worn Out

It has been a few days since I’ve had the wherewithal to write a post. I’ve been doing plenty of writing but it has all been on my final producing Thesis and has not been the satisfying creative style writing that leaves me feeling energized at the end of a long day and a late nights. There have been quite a few late nights recently and they are beginning to catch up with me. Suddenly there doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the world to put starch in my spine or take the dull, woolly ache out of my head. There is just one week left: I just need to make it through the defense and then I’ll be able to relax again.

On the plus side, my schedule is slightly more flexible this week than last week, but unfortunately that means that plans keep shifting around on me. Today I actually made it out for a run, although after a week of no exercise it was a rather uninspired workout. I finally got around to washing my hair- not normally something I would count as an accomplishment except that it was wildly overdue and required extra rinse and repeats. This becomes a much bigger ordeal when your hair gets to be longer than your arm and weighs about ten pounds when waterlogged: washing your hair can become a exercise in endurance. I finished a book that I’ve been reading for over a month and finally started in the library book that is probably going to come due in the next few days. I went to a meeting with a professor and got some very complimentary notes on the rough draft of a script that I’ve been grinding at all semester: I was quite surprised but pleased- I tend to assume that all student writers like myself overestimate how compelling our writing actually is so I expected a lot more notes along the lines of “it’s still very rough, but with work there might be something educational there”. It is still very rough. It does still need a lot of work, but it’s nice to know that it is communicating something to a reader.

So I should be feeling pretty good right now but I’m mostly just feeling worn out. I hope this doesn’t mean that I’m getting sick- hopeful it is just a lull for a day and I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 7, 2015.

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