In my dream there was some kind of gathering. It was a house party, but not at a house that I recognized. I seemed to be hosting it. It seemed to be my house. I seemed to be doing pretty well in life. Among the guests were family and friends, but also people of some importance: I don’t recall now who they were, only that it was important to price them when the leopard showed up.

Suddenly the leopard was there. In my dream logic I kept thinking of it as a “cougar” although it clearly had spots. At first it walked among the guests without seeming to be on the hunt for anything, and it seemed to be enough to avoid its attention by merely being quiet and keeping out of its line of sight. I encouraged everybody to move inside and close the leopard out but the harder I tried to keep it out the more determined it became to try to get in.

The human guests made it inside, but the leopard managed to get up onto the roof and I remembered that I’d shut the pets ( this seemed to include a small, sandy colored dog as well as the cats)  in an upstairs room and left the window cracked so they could get some fresh air. Now I wasn’t sure if the leopard was going to discover the window and find a way inside. I ran up the stairs and pulled the window shut right as the leopard took a swipe at it. Then I woke up.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 14, 2015.

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