I was having such a wonderful dream...

The last time that I had a chance to do this kind of a deep clean was the day before Thanksgiving. For a couple weeks now, the disorganization and clutter has been building up at the edges of my awareness only to be filled under the category heading of Things To Deal With Later.

Later, it turns out, meant today.

It was another night of disrupted, dream filled sleep. I woke up in the early stages of worry that I recalled from the summer when I was anxious with production. I had to wonder whether I’d kept myself so busy during the semester in order to outrun those feelings of anxiety or depression. I would find out today: it was going to be my first full day at home by myself since… I wasn’t sure when.

It seemed like a good idea to start the day with a run. The weather was somewhere I the forties and I was extremely tempted to stay in, but I went out anyway. The run turned into two loads of laundry, turned into vacuuming the whole apartment, turned into Christmas shopping. I even managed to squeeze in a nap and a few chapters of my book, so the tough start didn’t hold me back too much.

If I can continue this kind of productivity I might just be ok after all.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 15, 2015.

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