Leaving the presentation, I felt lighter. The weight of the worry about how it would play out was gone- and so were four copies of the giant production package that we’d made: so my burden was physically lighter after it was over.

My impression was that it all went well, although so many of the notes that we got were for pretty big changes so I haven’t fully digested them yet. And maybe, in all honesty, I need some distance from the project as a whole before I jump back in and start tinkering. So today I’m going to take the win and tomorrow I’m going to ( hopefully- the screening that I signed up for is overbooked so we need to get there early) go see “Star Wars”. Then the holidays.

I love this business of entertainment, but sometimes I just gotta get away from it. Like, you know you’ve spent too much time on the Foley stage when you are walking through your apartment listening to your own, real life footsteps thinking: “these steps could use a bit more heel-toe”, or when you watch a show with a cut away joke that references a previous episode and you know that was scheduled a certain way, or when you question the writing in a scene because the scene plays out to be expedient to the next plot point, not because it is organic to the character.

I’m a menace to watch television with. To his great annoyance, I’ve ruined movies and television for the Curmudgeonly Lion with all the running behind-the-scenes commentary.

At any rate, the thesis defense is Done. Now I can relax for a minute.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 17, 2015.

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  1. Great news!

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