The Last Week


Goal: enjoy the little things more.

The weekend isn’t over yet, but it is the last week of the year. It is about the time that I usually reflect on my life and decide what changes that I want to make in the new year. After a week or more of heavy indulging it is easy to see why gym memberships become such a popular new year’s resolution, but it is never one that I’m able to stick to- no matter how good my intentions.

As much as I try to look back, I also find myself struggling to look forward into a murky, but bright future. I have one final semester of the graduate program left and after that I will be spit out into the world and left to my own devices. If I am lucky, there will be gainful employment at the end of it all, but it’s not guaranteed. Maybe that is a good thing, too: a way to keep myself from getting complacent and lazy. It does make it difficult to make plans, however.

Among my broad-stroke plans for the new year are: avoid periods of unmitigated anxiety, find a job, find a new place to live, graduate, get better about keeping in touch with friends and family, and eat more vegetables. Also to go running regularly and to complete my 10,000 hours of filmmaking. And to read more books.

A few goals. The list could use some fine tuning.

Anyway, on the short-term small-scale: my goal for tomorrow is to do my thank you notes and my Christmas cards ( or, at this point, my new year’s cards). And maybe a few loads of laundry. Baby steps.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 26, 2015.

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