May the days be bright.

Dear 2015
You were a good year, but my oh my did you take your toll on me. In most ways you made me stronger, but forgive me if I don’t pick you as “the year that I want to go back to of they ever invent time travel”.

I spent the day sorting all my bills and paperwork from the past twelve months so that I can put them all in storage and start the new year with a clean slate. Going over my spreadsheets made me realize all the acts in my story arc. I learned about acts and story arcs ( and sequences and beats) for one thing. My year was twelve acts long- just right for a feature. Act one: become a Student Assistant for sound in a production class. Act two: get an internship with a video production company and discover, belatedly, that it’s incredibly difficult to do both at the same time. Act three: overload on classes because there’s just too much that you want to learn and only three more semesters to go. Act four: finish the semester exhausted, but thinking that the summer will be wide open. Proceed to overcommit to summer productions. Act five: Visit family in Chicago to see a nephew’s middle school graduation. Proceed to eat continuously for ten days straight. Act six: help produce a music video/PSA called “Unbroken Angels” promoting the prevention of child abuse. Act seven: go straight from producing the music video to producing a Sloan film called “Love Log” about life and relationships in a future where augmented reality glasses record every moment of a relationship. Also begin drafting television pilot script for thesis project. Proceed to lose appetite for three months due to stress. Act eight: back to classes, once again taking more than are strictly necessary. Also continue assisting with sound. Act nine: enjoy a visit from family after Filbert drives Route 66. Proceed to run all over town to squeeze in as many sights as possible. Receive an unexpected scholarship for the final year of the program. Act ten: enjoy a visit from the Curmudgeonly Lion’s family. Proceed to run all over town to squeeze in as many sights as possible. Recuperate by disappearing to the woods to celebrate fifth wedding anniversary. Act eleven: skid sideways through final projects and presentations and essays while trying to put together the final thesis presentation. Act twelve: successfully defend thesis. Complete semester without getting sick. Spend the holidays decompressing. The end.

It seems like an awful lot to squeeze into one year. With so much going on it would be easy to excuse myself from not living up to my resolutions from last new year’s, but I did my best. I didn’t run 500 miles, but I kept in a pretty good workout habit several times a week. I didn’t eat my vegetables every day but I learned just how easy it is to overlook them- especially when busy or stressed. I got pretty good about flossing: it might be time to up my game to brushing twice a day to fight these coffee stains. I blogged… Well, more than 300 times, but not nearly a perfect record. I didn’t read 60 books- probably closer to 10 or 15, and I put in nearly 2600 hours towards filmmaking, which probably explains why I had no time to read.

So what are the new resolutions? Many are the same, but I hope to up my game:

-Run 500 miles in the course of the year. 
-Call home or family once a week.
-Read 25 books. Try to read every issue of Variety.
– Eat three servings of vegetables a day. Potatoes don’t count.
– Brush teeth twice a day. Floss a least once a day.
– Write a blog every day. Take one good photo each day and post it.
– Reach my goal of 10,000 hours of filmmaking. Set new goal of this happens before the end of the year.
– Complete drafts of three full length scripts ( feature or television lengths) as a writing sample.
– Find gainful employment.

Hmmm… I think I might be seeing another over-commitment happening. I guess I just never learn.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 1, 2016.

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