Good day for a nap.


There was a ninety percent chance of light rain all day. There was also a winter storm warning and a high surf warning for our sunlit, temperate, low-land, inland, land-locked neighborhood so I tried to not get my hopes up about the rain.

But it did rain: not hard, but steadily, for nearly the whole day. I went into the bedroom to get dressed for the day and found myself sitting on the side of the bed staring at the blinds and listening to the sounds of the raindrops hitting the window and the asphalt of the parking lot beyond. I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to sit and listen to the rain: how often did I get the chance anymore?

I laid down on the bed. Just a few minutes, I told myself. It was too wet to go for a run, too dark to feel like cleaning house, too early to watch television, and I was updating my computer to Windows 10 which was going to take a while and require numerous re-starts before I’d be able to do anything on it. The part of me that feels guilty about being unproductive was working overtime, but the rest of me just wanted to lie quietly and listen to the rain.

After a few minutes, the cat jumped up onto the bed with me and curled up next to me. If there is anything better than taking a nap with a cat on a rainy day, then I’m not sure what it is. The wind picked up briefly, with a flurry of raindrops on the cars outside the windows. Through the apartment I could hear the distant breath of traffic. A train whistled at a crossing, reminding me of home. Got closer. Whistled again. Got closer. I could hear the rumble of the cars on the tracks punctuated by the gentle snores and lip-smacking of the cat who stretched, cooed, and rolled onto his back.

This, I thought, must be what heaven is like.

It’s a thought that I’ve had before, although not often. These are these moments that I think back to when I try to remember what it is like to be completely satisfied in the moment. Sure, I could have been using that time for working on paperwork or housekeeping or reading or whatever else I had on my list, but none of those things were things that would make for long-lasting memories. It seemed important, in that moment, to not do anything- to just be in the moment. A test, perhaps. A choice, certainly. I like to think that I made the right one.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 5, 2016.

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