Indicate The Way To My Abode

Aand done.

Aand done.

After almost a week of not running, I finally got out for a little exercise today. Within the first mile I was pretty sure I might have a heart attack- how did I manage to get so out of shape in just one week?! I’ll need to start making a point of getting outside for a little while on a weekday- probably on Wednesdays- to keep in good habits. It helps that the earth is slowly rolling itself around towards daylight again- a few minutes more each day. For a while, if I didn’t get out the door by four o clock I was running in the dark by the time I got home. Now I can get started at nearly four thirty and still get home before needing a flashlight. Progress is slow, but noticeable.

After my run I walked across the back parking lot to cool down. The two palm trees that I like to stand under had been trimmed recently- maybe even today for all I could tell. The parking lot was littered with a little heap of palm-tree-acorns and there was a pile of trimmed fronds in the neighbors’ yard that hadn’t been removed yet.

All in all it was  a laid back day- I had grand plans about all the things that I was going to get done, but didn’t accomplish much of anything. I think that’s OK though. Tomorrow I’ll make myself a list. It’s about time to start thinking about moving- our lease is over in March and we’ve pretty well outgrown our current arrangement. We’ll probably still have to rent since I’m only making part-time-minimum-wage at my job(s) and there is likely to be a period of uncertainty around graduation while I try to find gainful employment during which time it will be useful to only be tied to a place for a year-long rental lease instead of a thirty year mortgage (for location as much as for cost). Find a job. Find a house. Live happily ever after. The list is short- how hard can it be?




~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 16, 2016.

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