Breaking A Thousand

I just got a notification that I’ve officially posted one thousand entries. All things considered, that feels like an accomplishment, so today had been quite the day for accomplishments since the post right before this was me being all braggy-pants about finishing the rough draft of a feature length script that I’ve been working on. Actually I finished writing the draft a few days ago but only just now managed to print it. Printing was quite a saga including a journey ( into Bluetooth range) a double cross ( the printer totally told me it would print double sided then rapidly began spitting out one sided pages), an escalation of counter measures (I filled the tray with scratch paper that already had printing on the back to save the good paper), a battle of wild culminating in a crisis (a paper jam), a brief resolution ( running out of paper, twice), a final reckoning ( quality control) and a happy ending (a paper script! Yay!). 

I didn’t really mean for today to turn into such a day for tooting my own horn, but I guess sometimes it just happens.

Other than that, things were quiet. I went running and realized why running has been so difficult lately: humidity. The air was almost thick enough to see. It was thick enough to see with a little bit of distance: a misty grayness around the edges of everything farther than a block away. I’ve gotten out of the habit of running in humidity, it seems, but I made out home.

I recall vaguely that I woke up this morning out of another bad dream about having to prepare some kind of big presentation that I was going to have to give in a giant football stadium that was built as part of a complex made of five or six football stadiums (stadii?) all full of people for different events. At any rate, someone was trying to sabotage me and kept trying to set things in fire and I had to put it out with a fire extinguisher. I woke up before I actually had to give the presentation. I recall in the dream that I was worried I’d have trouble communicating like I did in the other dream, but I never had the chance to find out. Upon waking I regretted this since it meant I wouldn’t get to face the fear in a dream setting to being closure to the idea. Now it’s still there in my mind, unresolved and present.

Brains, ugh, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing if you don’t get to sleep. So on that note, I’m going to bed.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 17, 2016.

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