The Cranston Chat


Words of wisdom

I signed up to go to a talk with Bryan Cranston that the Drama school was organizing. They were kind enough to open it up to the Cinema school as well, and since my schedule hasn’t reached meltdown capacity yet, I’m anxious to take advantage of as many guest speaker/screening/seminar opportunities as I can.

The first thing that I noticed was that I could tell that I was in a live theatre instead of a screening room by the acoustics. The din and walla of the waiting audience bounced off the walls and echoed back and forth over the actual conversations and flooded the room with noise. The screening rooms are designed to be as acoustically dead as possible so that the audience doesn’t drown out the movie, but it made sense for the theatre to be more “live” in order to help the actors’ voices carry from the stage. It wasn’t something I’d thought about before.

The next thing that I noticed was how young everybody was- the audience was predominantly drama students and almost certainly predominantly undergraduates. When did I get so old? Did I ever have that much energy? I would’ve thought that I’d feel right at home among the denizens of the theatre, but it truly felt like a different planet.

The talk was quite fun (I didn’t talk, I was there to listen) but it was fun to hear from a successful actor what qualities he values and what moments of luck came his way to get him where he is today and so on. There were more than a few sentiments that I can get behind.

I did a few sketches, but failed to capture a likeness I’m afraid. Actors. They move around a lot! And it’s doubly hard to capture the likeness of a familiar face that everybody knows because everybody is much more sensitive to the details.

Ah well, I need to get back in practice. Maybe I didn’t capture it this time, but I’ll be that much more in practice for next time.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 21, 2016.

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