Black Ghost Dog


In my dream, I am at a meeting in a huge old Victorian mansion. I’m there with quite a lot of people that I know: my sound professor, my classmates, my sisters, the Curmudgeonly Lion, etc.

I don’t remember what we are meeting about, but before we can finish, the meeting is cut short. We all have to move calmly and quietly outside. The sound professor seems to be the leader of the group, so I ask him why we are leaving as I file out of the room.
   “It’s official,” he tells me, ” there’s been a sighting.”
He gestures without pointing to a second floor gallery that opens into the house’s main room like a second floor mezzanine. The second floor consists of white walls and solid doors behind an open railing, making it look a bit like a hotel built into an old house. In front of one of the doors on the far side of the main room there appears to be a dark shadow moving along the wall like the apparition of a dog.

The sight of the apparition fills me with disproportionate terror. I know that it is a ghost and I have never seen a ghost before. I know that it is the apparition of a black dog, often sighted in this house and something about it tells me that I need to get as far away from it as I possibly can.

I go outside and it is raining. The sun begins to break through the crowds and in the distance, at the edge of a wide green lawn, I can see a strong dark figure with a silver sword that is so bright it seems like it was made from the sun. The brightness of the sword diminishes as the figure tilts it away from my eyes and I can see that the figure is actually the Curmudgeonly Lion and the sword is actually an old croquet stake from the garage, but he is prepared to use it to protect me if necessary.

I’m reassured to know that I have someone to protect me, but the fear is still very real and present. I know that I have to go back inside. I make my way back into the house and into the main room where I force myself to look back up into the mezzanine so that I can be certain that I’m not just jumping at shadows. I’m not. I can now see clearly that the apparition is a black dog- translucent like a ghost, but real and fully visible.

When I wake up, I’m still afraid.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 3, 2016.

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