Broken Record


Well it happened on day 35 so I guess I'm in the habit of writing, just not the lifestyle of it.

Well, yesterday was a first for 2016: the first day that I didn’t get around to writing or posting a photo :-/

I saw it coming too: we were going out for the evening and I remember thinking: “I’m probably not going to feel like writing anything by the time I get home so I should write something now.” But then I didn’t have any ideas and I want up against a deadline so I put it off until later and just never got back around to it. Ah well.

So yesterday was a bit of a bust, so I tried to make up for it today. I spoke with my folks on the phone and sat and did a couple hours of homework and went for a run. I caught the last quarter of the Superbowl- more because it was on than because I felt strongly about seeing it. (The commercials that I did get to see were nothing to write home about.)

Tomorrow is going to be wall to wall with commitments so I was making an effort to get as up-to-date as I can on all of the things that need to be done for the week. With luck I will be able to hit the ground running. Fingers crossed.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 7, 2016.

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